At Limbwalker, tree care is our passion. We love trees and believe they make the world a better, healthier, place to live.

Our tree care philosophy is to always provide you with expert service in an environmentally friendly manner. That is what has made us the most reputable, reliable tree service provider in the Louisville area. At Limbwalker, you will always work with a Certified Arborist to help you make the right tree care decisions to help your trees live longer and flourish. We believe lush, beautiful trees not only add beauty to your home and neighborhood but increase your happiness, and property value as well. We guarantee you’ll love the way your trees look after our tree services or your money back. Simple, honest, and hassle-free.

Total Tree Care for a totally satisfying landscape.

We provide complete tree care service for all your tree and shrubbery needs. Our expert approach to tree care with guaranteed results has made us the favorite tree service in Louisville, Kentucky. Whether you are looking for tree pruning, simple branch removal or complete removal services, we are the tree care company to call.

Tree pruning is important for the health of your trees and the safety of your home environment. Our arborists know the best time to prune trees and how to prune a tree properly for future health, structure and beauty. Trust Limbwalker to keep your trees safe, strong and vibrant.

Sometimes trees can become unhealthy and pose a threat to other trees or surrounding structures. That’s when our licensed tree removal services are needed most. We are experts at safely removing trees from dangerous or difficult to reach locations. We have all the right equipment and experience to provide the total services you need. We’ll complete your removal on time and on budget and to your complete satisfaction.

Award Winning Service. Guaranteed Results. That’s Limbwalker.

For quality, guaranteed tree services, including planting, tree pruning, tree removal, stump grinding, deep root fertilization, tree bracing, and commercial and residential tree maintenance, there’s really only one name you need to know.

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“Limbwalker provided the best options and price to actually do what’s best for the trees and not do a ‘slash and burn’ like at least one company recommended. They know their stuff. Their customer service is outstanding.” – Mark E

Tree Care Services

Tree Pruning

Pruning is a part of your tree’s regular maintenance program. Cleaning out weak, diseased, and dead limbs on a routine basis, improves the look and safety of every tree in your yard.

Our ISA Certified Arborists® prune according to Best Management Practices created by the International Society of Arboriculture.

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Deep Root Fertilization

Our Deep Root Fertilization program delivers organic nutrients to your trees and shrubs at the roots, where they need them the most.

Our Spring fertilizer wakes your plants and trees for the growing season and promotes lush, green foliage. 

In the Fall, our fertilizer provides nutrients that promote root growth, preparing your plants for the oncoming winter.

In addition, each visit also includes our own special Bio-Tea® Compost Tea, brewed daily at our shop.

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Tree & Shrub Removal

The decision to remove a tree should not be taken lightly. Removals should only be performed by a qualified company that employs skilled workers who operate in a safe and efficient manner.

All of Limbwalker’s employees wear appropriate safety gear and are trained to remove trees in difficult to reach locations.

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Cable and Bracing

Trees with cracks, splits, and “V” shaped branches may be healthy, but structurally unsound. Instead of removing your tree, we can often save it by installing cables and braces.

Bracing systems are stronger than the original wood and are more cost-effective than removal. We also offer annual inspections free of charge to help ensure that your tree remains healthy and safe for years to come.

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Pests & Diseases

We have compiled several services to treat common pests in our area. Our plant pest and disease treatments are based on science and lean toward least impact. We offer “green” or “organic” options when we feel they are effective and appropriate.

Emerald Ash Borer Prevention

The Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) is an exotic insect native to Asia that has devasted ash trees throughout the Eastern United States.

It is difficult to estimate the amount of destruction this insect will cause. It is believed that most of the 8.7 billion ash trees in the United States will be killed in the next 10 years. In Louisville alone, we are expected to lose 2-3 million trees. That’s 1 out of every 6 trees!

Protecting your trees now can prevent a costly removal in the future.

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Dutch Elm Disease

Dutch elm disease (DED) is a well-known, fatal fungal disease of American elm trees that is spread by elm bark beetles. Elms that are damaged during the spring and summer are especially susceptible. We recommend a preventative stem injection for all large American elms, as a tree cannot be treated once it is infected with the disease.

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Tent Caterpillars

Tent Caterpillars are common in the spring and fall on cherry trees and other hardwoods. These pests cause unsightly tents in your trees and may defoliate your tree if left unchecked. Our treatments are highly effective and affordable.

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Mites are minute pests more closely related to spiders than other insects. Common hosts of these pests include Norway, Blue, and Alberta Spruces. Cool spring weather can cause populations of mites to increase dramatically, killing the lower branches of your tree.

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Scale are larger, immobile insects that suck sugars from the stem of your plants. Often, our clients notice these insects by the sugary honey-dew that falls on their decks, sidewalks, and vehicles. 

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Root Rots and Stem Cankers

Fungi and fungi-like organisms often cause root rot and stem cankers. Symptoms include death or whole stem dieback, blackened areas near the root collar, and cankers on the stem. These infestations are difficult to control because they are difficult for pesticides to reach. Our annual program includes a spring and fall application of a fungicide that is absorbed through the bark. Ongoing treatment is usually necessary to arrest the advancement of the pathogen.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Certified Arborist?

A: Certified Arborists are credentialed professionals who have achieved a level of knowledge in the art and science of tree care through at least three years of experience and have passed a comprehensive examination. This certification is granted and maintained through the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). Certified Arborists are also required to continue their education in order to maintain their certification, ensuring their knowledge is updated on the latest arboriculture techniques.

Why hire a Certified Arborist?

A: Certified Arborists are accredited professionals that specialize in the care of trees. Drawing from experience and education, he or she is able to give you the best information for prolonging the life of your trees.

Hiring a professional to care for your trees is an important financial decision. Proper tree care is an investment. That can lead to substantial returns. Well maintained trees live longer, are more attractive, and add value to your property. Poorly maintained trees can be unsightly and cause significant costs to homeowners.

Pruning or removing trees, especially large trees, can be dangerous work. Tree work should be done only by those trained and equipped to work safely in trees.Limbwalker requires all sales staff and crew leaders to be Certified Arborists, and encourages all employees to attain this level of professionalism.

Are you insured?

A: Yes. Limbwalker holds two types of insurance to protect your property and assets: Liability and Workers’ Compensation. We encourage our clients to contact our insurance provider for proof of coverage.

How do I get a copy of your proof of insurance?

A: Please contact EPIC Insurance at 502-493-7925 and provide them with our name and your name, address and phone number. If calling during business hours, ask for Bobbie Fryear. Please contact Limbwalker directly for any additional information.

How is Limbwalker "green"?

A: Limbwalker strives to preserve our natural resources and reduce our carbon footprint wherever possible. The ideals of environmental stewardship, conservation, and sustainability are real concerns for us.

We have switched our petroleum-based bar oil to a green alternative, vegetable-based bar oil. Other companies’ saws spread harmful petroleum based bar oils, leading to unknown risks to workers and property owners.

Limbwalker supplies wood chips to a large scale vermicomposting project run by Breaking New Grounds, and in cooperation with Heine Brothers Coffee. Our chips are mixed with coffee grounds and vegetable waste from Heine Brothers Coffee shops. The mix is eventually fed to hungry worms that turn the mixture into a rich, highly fertile soil amendment, sold at Heine Brothers locations.

We save trees. Frequently people call us thinking their tree needs to be removed, only to learn that our team of skilled arborists can prune and/or brace the tree instead. Apart from preserving a valuable landscape tree, this usually saves the property owner money as well.

Is Limbwalker Tree Service, Inc. a local business?

A: Limbwalker is a company owned and operated by people born and raised in Louisville, KY. We live in the community where we work and consequently feel a personal stake in the quality of tree care that we leave behind after or job is complete. Limbwalker is a member of Louisville Independent Business Association (LIBA), a group that encourages consumers to invest in their local economy by spending their money with locally owned and controlled businesses. Whenever possible, we always try to utilize local goods and service providers rather than going out of state.

Does Limbwalker volunteer in the community?

A: We like to give back to our community by volunteering our professional services. Limbwalker has partnered with the Olmsted Parks Conservancy, occasionally donating our time pruning trees to remove hazardous deadwood and damaged limbs left from recent storms. These volunteer projects afford our Climber Trainees the opportunity to hone their climbing, pruning, and rigging skills while also providing additional care to the trees in our city parks.

Certified Arborists from our company have led educational walks and informational programs in the Louisville Metro Parks, through the Olmsted Parks Conservancy.

Limbwalker makes monetary donations to several local non-profits.

“Love Louisville Trees” is an urban tree canopy revitalization project Limbwalker has developed with the non-profit organization Louisville Grows.

Love Louisville Trees trains volunteers in the community to become “Citizen Foresters”, knowledgeable about how to plant and care for urban trees. In a single Planting Day, these Citizen Foresters and volunteers will plant over 200 trees at a time. To date, Love Louisville Trees has planted more than 1,000 trees in Louisville!

How do trees benefit us?

A: Trees act as carbon sinks, helping to alleviate the “Greenhouse Effect.”

  • 1 acre of new forest will sequester about 2.5 tons of carbon annually. Each tree will absorb CO2 at an average rate of 13 pounds/tree/year. Trees reach their most productive stage of carbon storage at about 10 years.
  • For every ton of new wood that grows, about 1.5 tons of CO2 are removed from the air and 1.07 tons of life-giving oxygen are produced.
  • During a 50-year life span, one tree will generate $30,000 in oxygen, recycle $35,000 worth of water, and clean up $60,000 worth of air pollution. That is $125,000 total per tree without including any other values!

Trees screen unsightly views. A properly placed screen of trees and shrubs can also significantly decrease noise pollution.

Trees can reduce heating and cooling costs.

  • Shade trees can reduce utility bills for air conditioning by 15-50 percent. Through their shade and transpiration, trees provide natural “low-tech” cooling for adjacent buildings and homes. That means less need to build additional dams, power plants, and nuclear generators.
  • Shade from trees cools hot streets and parking lots. Cities are “heat islands” that are 5-9 degrees hotter than surrounding wooded areas.
  • Windbreaks around homes can shield against wind and snow. Heating costs can be reduced by as much as 30 percent.

Trees provide habitat for wildlife and offer people a multitude of recreational opportunities.

Trees and shrubs significantly increase property values, when properly placed and cared for.

Trees help recharge ground water and sustain stream flow.

People enjoy planting and caring for trees just because they like to see them grow.

  • They make life more enjoyable, peaceful, relaxing, and offer a rich inheritance for future generations.
  • Research indicates that trees help reduce stress in the workplace and speed recovery of hospital patients.
What is Limbwalker Tree Service’s Arborist in Residence (A.I.R.) program?

The Limbwalker Arborist in Residence (A.I.R.) Program allows excellent arborists from around the world to visit and work with Limbwalker’s crews for a short time. This program offers our staff the opportunity to exchange information and explore advanced climbing and rigging techniques with some of the tree care industry’s most respected climbers. Visiting arborists have included:

  • Rich Hattier, Lebanon Junction, KY (Certified Arborist, production climber, rope splicer, Owner of Anchor Bridge Rope Works)
  • Josh Jump, Cincinnati, OH (Certified Arborist, production climber and rope splicer)
  • James Kilpatrick, New Zealand (Certified Arborist, world renowned contract climber)
  • Scott Forrest, New Zealand (Certified Arborist, New Zealand tree climbing champion, world renowned contract climber)
  • Odis Sisk, International Arborist of Mystery (Certified Arborist, North American Training Lead Instructor, world renowned contract climber)
  • Sam Keezar, North Dakota (Certified Arborist, North American Training Instructor)
  • Ary Fun, South Carolina (Certified Arborist, North American Training Instructor)
  • Josephine Hedger, United Kingdom (Certified Arborist, business owner, trainer, two-time Women’s Division Tree Climbing World Champion, production climber)
  • Scott Forrest is a two-time World Champ
  • Mike Ferich, Parts Unknown (production tree climber, world traveler)
  • Tom Whitelock, Maryland (Certified Arborist, North American Training Lead Instructor, business owner, contract climber)
  • Ian “Cam” Cameron (Certified Arborist, trainer, production climber)
  • Boel Hammarstrand (Certified Arborist, trainer, Swedish Women’s Division Tree Climbing Champion, production climber)

Arborists interested in participating in the A.I.R. program should send a resume to