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General Programs

Big Tree Basics

Slows Growth and Improves Health

Specifically designed for big, old trees to slow growth, improve health and protect against harmful insects.

Deep Root Fertilization

More Growth, More Green

Fertilizer and Bio-Tea® are delivered directly to the critical root zone in Spring and Fall.

Our fertilizer includes organic nutrients, Bio-Tea® slow-release nitrogen, essential rhizosphere bacteria, macro- and micro-nutrients, and microbial nutrients.

Fruit Eliminator

End Stinky and Spiky Fruit

Ginkgoes and sweetgums are beautiful but their fruit can often be difficult to tolerate. We can’t eliminate the fruit 100%, but we can achieve a significant reduction by injecting a fruit eliminator each year.

Special Programs

Arborvitae Saver

Mites and Bagworms

Arborvitae are susceptible to mites and bagworms. Bagworm populations can quickly defoliate a tree. Mites are less visible but can cause a steady decline. Prevention is key.

Boxwood Saver

Mites and Insects

Boxwoods are susceptible to psyllids, leaf miners, and mites. They can create unsightly areas and spread quickly. Prevention is the best defense.

Dogwood Saver

Powdery Mildew & Dogwood borer

Dogwoods and plagued by powdery mildew, anthracnose, and borers. This program is designed to offer protection against all three.

Elm Saver

DED and Bark Beetle Prevention

Dutch Elm Disease is a fatal disease of American Elms. Spread by the Elm Bark Beetle, the disease moves through the vascular system to infect the entire tree. Our program combines a vaccine against DED and an insecticide.

Hemlock Saver

Tiny Rust Mites

Rust mites bite humans and are destructive to hemlocks. They are often confused with chiggers or mosquitoes. Symptoms are brown, interior needles. We recommend treating all hemlocks, especially those near homes.

Spruce Saver

Spider Mites and Rhizosphaera

All spruce trees are infested with rhizosphaera and spider mites. Both of these pests cause foliar die back and eventual death of the tree. We recommend all spruce trees be placed on this program.

Sycamore Saver

Sycamore Anthracnose and Leaf Beetles

Sycamore Anthracnose is a foliar and twig disease of American Sycamores. Our program cannot cure the disease due to the persistent twig cankers but it can reduce the effects significantly. The annual insecticide prevents the movement of the disease in the canopy.


Commercial Tree Services

Louisvilleā€™s award-winning Limbwalker Tree Service is ready to manage the trees on your commercial property. After an initial consultation with one of our certified arborists, we develop a plan to address the needs of your trees and to eliminate as much risk as possible to your property.

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