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Mosquito Control

Take Back Your Yard and Eliminate Mosquitoes with Mosquito Control Services from Limbwalker.

When you live in the steamy Ohio Valley you live with the problem of annoying mosquitoes. Enjoying the outdoors can be nearly impossible or at best an itchy proposition. But moquitoes aren’t just a nuisance they can also be a health hazard to people and pets. Triple E virus, West Nile Virus, Zika Virus and Encephalitis are just a few mosquito-borne diseases for which you may be at risk. Safety precautions apply across the board for all three viruses: wear long, loose clothing, use EPA recommended insect repellents and eliminate standing water from yards. It only takes a teaspoon of water for the insects to breed. With our help, you can control mosquitoes and take back your yard. Our safe, effective, eco-friendly barrier treatment rids your yard of unwanted mosquitoes and keeps them away for good so you can once again enjoy life outdoors.

Our Pest Control Technicians Know the Best Ways to Get Rid of Mosquitoes in Your Yard

All yard environments are unique so one of the first things our licensed professional technicians will do is survey the area looking for what attracts mosquitoes to your yard and likely areas where the mosquitoes feed and breed. Understanding a mosquito’s lifecycle and lifespan allows us to rid your mosquito problem now and in the future. In addition to mosquito spraying, we’ll also show you possible problem areas around your home where standing water collects to promote mosquito breeding.

Safe for Pets. Safe for the Environment.

Limbwalker’s mosquito control formulas meet all local and federal regulations and are safe for all – except, of course, annoying mosquitoes. After only 20 to 30 minutes of drying time following an application, you can once again enjoy your yard and mosquito-free activity. Our unique Pollinator Guarantee assures you that we will never spray blooming plants or endanger bees that share your living space. We love the outdoors and know you do, too.

Be Mosquito-Free – Guaranteed

Our popular Mosquito Control Program has been delighting families in the Louisville area for many years, primarily due to our guaranteed results. After our first treatment, you’ll notice a difference in the first 24 hours. Our full 8-Visit Program includes applications once a month throughout the most active mosquito season, from April through September. This treatment should effectively last, however, if you have mosquito issues in between visits, we will visit again for additional treatment at no charge. We also can provide spot visits for Special Events and one-time outdoor activities. Don’t let blood-sucking mosquitoes keep you from enjoying your yard. Take back what’s yours. Take control of mosquitoes for good.

Our Mosquito Control Program will rid your yard of annoying mosquitos. In fact, you will notice a difference in the first 24 hours. Our 8-visit program includes visits once a month, April – September when mosquitos are most active and a guarantee to have a yard that is mosquito free! If you have mosquitos between visits, just give us a call and we will visit again at no charge. Sign Up Now


Mosquito Service: $59/visit

Our 8 visit program pricing represents an average lawn of 1/2 acre. We will measure your lawn when we arrive and modify if necessary.

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