Our safety culture is second to none with a dedicated Safety & Training Coordinator
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What we do

Commercial properties often have a high volume of movement, whether that be cars and trucks or pedestrians. We work with you to create the best plan of action for your trees while paying special attention to risk factors such as injury prevention or property damage.

Louisville’s award-winning Limbwalker Tree Service is ready to manage the trees on your commercial property. After an initial consultation with one of our certified arborists, we develop a plan to address the needs of your trees and to eliminate as much risk as possible to your property.

We know that risk is a primary concern when choosing a tree care service provider, and because safety is also our priority, we have a full-time safety coordinator and an extensive review process for all incidents and near-misses. Our record is the safest in the region. We take the safety of your property, the people on it, and our team very seriously.

How we ensure safety:

  • Perform a pre-risk assessment
  • Create a secure work zone with an attendant on the ground
  • Only employ qualified and safety-certified arborists
  • All employees are drug and alcohol tested and have clean background checks
  • Carry extensive workers comp, liability and umbrella insurance policies

Our tree experts can handle any and all of your tree care needs, both emergency and routine. We will trim, prune, fertilize and stabilize trees as necessary.

Our diverse team of arborists is qualified and certified to deliver the safest and most environmentally-sensitive care possible.

We offer a wide range of Commercial Tree Care Services:

  • Tree Diagnostics
  • Certified Tree Care
  • Full Tree Maintenance Plans and Safety Evaluations
  • Trimming and Pruning
  • Stump Grinding
  • Preservation Services, such as Cabling and Tree Bracing
  • Tree Fertilization that creates lush, green growth
  • Insect and Disease Management
  • Complete Tree Removal with standard 20% Winter Discounts

Whether you are in the building phase or have been open for business for years, we can help you plan the best course of action for your tree maintenance. At any stage in your property’s lifecycle we recommend a few tips for making sure that you offer your trees the best chance at long-term survival.

To give your trees the best possible care before you build and after, we suggest:

  • Give trees space. When planting a tree, give it as much space as you can: at least a ten foot radius to give the tree the best chance for survival. Spray paint a ten-foot radius area around the tree. That space is not for anything else; it is a dedicated space for the tree alone.
  • Have an annual inspection of the tree. This is less important when the tree is younger, but becomes more important as they age. A lot of problems we see could have been fixed for a lot less expense if they had been addressed earlier. This requires looking at the structural integrity and health of the tree. (e.g. Limbs about to fall or plant health.) This is just like going to the doctor for a regular check-up for a person.
  • Fertilize trees in urban environments. Urban environment trees need extra help. We recommend you fertilize annually.
  • Remove deadwood and prune every four years.

What’s different about us?

We are fully insured, accredited by the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA), and have won several local awards and tree climbing titles. We also have an A+ Business rating with the Better Business Bureau. In addition, we maintain memberships in several tree care associations such as Kentucky Arborists Association (KAA) and the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). When you contact us, you can be confident that you are getting the best.

When the team that started Limbwalker Tree Service originally met, they knew Louisville needed a better option for tree care. They wanted to start a company that did great work and looked good too. Partners Cory Petry and Chris O’Bryan knew that quality tree care was about more than just trimming, pruning, and removal. “We have a problem with the heat island in Louisville,” says O’Bryan. “We can’t escape the responsibility of that.”
They paired that responsibility with the idea that working in a tree doesn’t mean that one should be dressed poorly or unprofessionally. “We wanted to be like the happy climbers we saw in magazines,” said O’Bryan. “We wanted to look good and be professional.”

With a background in and passion for rock climbing, O’Bryan and Petry decided to form a company that combined the values of the climbing community with their expertise as arborists.

“We’re about saving trees,” says O’Bryan. Tree preservation is at the top of Limbwalker’s priority list. They approach tree work a little differently, keeping removal of a tree as the last option. For them, it is about saving every tree they can.

So they explored ways to do their jobs well and present what O’Bryan calls a heroic look. “We wanted to present a courageous, nice person. Our values are Quality, Safety, Professionalism and Innovation,” he says. “You have to be open to change.”

In keeping with their attitudes toward creating a more modern tree care company, they wanted the Limbwalker workforce to truly reflect the rich community of Louisville and surrounding areas. The company put a high priority on making sure to hire a diverse workforce. “If you’re walking into a place where no one looks like you, it’s going to be intimidating,” says O’Bryan. “Many companies talk about it but weren’t doing anything about it.”

Limbwalker is happy to stand out from the crowd.

Contact us and see for yourself.


Commercial Tree Services

Louisville’s award-winning Limbwalker Tree Service is ready to manage the trees on your commercial property. After an initial consultation with one of our certified arborists, we develop a plan to address the needs of your trees and to eliminate as much risk as possible to your property.

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