Yard Karma

by Royce Hall, Limbwalker Operations Manager

Yard Karma is the way that Limbwalker prefers to look at lawn care. Your lawn is made up of millions of plants that can greatly affect the environment around you for better or for worse. Your lawn has the ability to control pollution and provide oxygen, but if your lawn care company is using traditional lawnLW logo vector care methods, many of these benefits may be nullified. Let’s take a look at what your lawn is capable of.

Be Good to Your Lawn, It Will be Good to You!

It is estimated that grassy areas clean nearly 12 million tons of dust and dirt out of the air in the United States annually. Additionally, an average sized lawn (5,000-7,000 ft2) sequesters up to 300 pounds of carbon a year, and creates enough oxygen to sustain a family of four! Be sure to thank your lawn for the air you are breathing as you walk past it today! Your lawn also has the cooling effect of up to 9 tons of air conditioning, so you sh
ould thank your lawn the next time you see your a/c bill too!

One of the other great benefits of a lawn for the environment is soil erosion control. A healthy stand of turf can substantially reduce the likelihood of runoff in heavy rain situations. The dense rooting of turf makes it a much better soil stabilizer than weeds, and helps your land hold much more water. This dense root system also helps to filter rainwater during storms, capturing pollutants and keeping them out of our water supply.

Improve Lawn Health Safely

A healthy, well watered a fertilized lawn has a greater ability to clean the air and environment than does an unhealthy lawn. However, some of these benefits can be erased through poor management practices, such as over-fertilization (your lawn probably does not need much or any phosphorous, so it does not need 10-10-10 every year), or the indiscriminate use of weed control. That is why Limbwalker promotes and uses organic fertilizers that are designed to slowly release nutrients over several months, which greatly reduces the likelihood of nutrients being lost through runoff. We also use organic BioTea® to help rejuvenate the natural microbiology in the soil, which works in conjunction with our organic fertilizers.

Spot Spraying Weeds

Part of the Yard Karma philosophy is that we want to reduce the amount of chemicals we put out in the environment. Eventually we will be paid back for what we put out in the world, whether good or bad. So, to address the issue of weeds while also minimizing chemicals, we spot spray our weed controls. Why would we spray an area of a lawn with weed control when it has no weeds? Most companies simply douse the whole lawn area with weed control to hit a few weeds. Why would we use so much chemical to get such a minute result? We prefer to carefully aim our controls measures for maximum efficacy with minimal chemical usage.

So, be good to your lawn, and it will be good to you. This is Yard Karma.

If you have any questions about Limbwalker’s lawn program or would like to get a free estimate on improving your YardKarma, please call us at (502) 634-0400.