Learn About Plant Health Care (PHC)

by The International Society of Arboriculture (ISA)

Arboriculture is founded on the principles of Plant Health Care (PHC) which is a total health approach to landscape and plant health. PHC recognizes that trees and woody plants are part of a greater landscape ecosystem and proactively addresses all aspects of landscape stewardship.

What is PHC?

Essentially, PHC is an active early approach to a homeowner’s landscape, as opposed to a panicked reaction to a pest or disease problem. It is a way to prevent or treat problems before they become devastating to the plant or tree.

A plant health care technician is a specialized tree care worker who can help you avoid these problems by considering the whole landscape when deciding how to best care for plants. PHC technicians control plant problems through careful monitoring of the landscape environment. Because of this, every PHC program is “customized” to fit the homeowner’s property and expectations.

PHC Techniques

PHC technicians maintain landscape trees and plants by:

  • Evaluating the landscape’s environmentServicesLawnCore
  • Identifying  causes of plant stress
  • Maintaining plant health through cultural practices
  • Investigating the landscape through monitoring
  • Identifying and treating problems as they occur

The following are examples of some common problems that PHC technicians work to solve:

  • Many plant problems are related to improper matching of the plant’s requirements to the landscape site.
  • Plants may have been improperly planted.
  • Plants may be subjected to improper maintenance techniques.
  • Often a combination of improper plant sighting (wrong plant / wrong site), improper planting and improper maintenance techniques can cause plant stress and decline.
You are part of the solution

A PHC technician also will consider your expectations when determining the type of PHC treatment program to implement. Treatment recommendations are made based on your expectations. The key to a successful plant health care program is communication between you and your PHC technician. To learn more about implementing a PHC program, call Limbwalker at (502)634-0400 to make an appointment with one of our Certified Arborists®.