From the Editor: Summer 2015

Helping Veterans

Recently, Limbwalker had the opportunity to donate wood chips to the VA Hospital in an effort to provide a Healing Garden for our veterans. Here is a brief description of the project from the VAMC Healing Gardens director:

“The Veteran’s Healing Garden is a joint effort between the VA Hospital, The Brain Injury Alliance of Kentucky, and Growing Warriors. This is a project by veterans for veterans. The Healing Garden will be maintained by veterans at the VAMC Substance Abuse Treatment Center. Currently, we have one Veterans Garden at St. John’s Men’s Center, and our ultimate goal is to create an agriculture training and business development program, recruiting those who utilize the gardens and may suffer from TBI’s or PTSD. This project has been successful thanks to the generosity of many community partners like Limbwalker Tree Service and we thank them for their generous support. If you would like to know any more about the partner organizations please visit us at and”

We are proud to help serve those who have served us so well. We thank these brave veterans and to any that may be reading this newsletter, you are our heros.

In this edition

First up, Jeneen Wiche has provided the article, “Carbon and Trees.” As you probably learned in high school, trees breathe in Carbon Dioxide, and exhale oxygen. In her article, Jeneen talks about what happens when Carbon is put into our atmosphere more quickly than trees can absorb it and the need for Carbon neutrality.

Next, Patrick Anderson tells us about tree support systems in his article, “Trees Need Support Too.” The old way of supporting trees was to pour concrete into any cavity or weak spot. We have come a long way since then, and now employ cables, braces, and props to aide failing trees.

Finally, our own Royce Hall takes a look at the different types of grass in his article, “Turfgrass Varieties.” Each type of grass has its own strengths and weaknesses. By understanding each variety, you can have a better understanding of what may be most appropriate for you lawn.


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