From the Editor: Spring 2015

By Royce Hall


Hachimaki’s are here!

Limbwalker has released their very own hachimaki! You may ask, “what is a hachimaki?” A hachimaki was worn by samurai symbolizing resolve, effort, and courage. Its name means “helmet scarf” in Japanese and can help keep you warm in colder months, but the real purpose was to help the warrior focus and mentally prepare for the difficult job at hand. You can prepare yourself for victory with your own Limbwalker hachimaki available for purchase here.

A Big Transplant

Lastly, we would like to highlight our tree transplant crew who completed a transplant project so massive, we had to get a crane involved! You can see the video of the project here.

In This Edition

First, Maryhurst, a local non-profit with a vision of helping girls in Kentucky who have suffered abuse and neglect, is seeking help covering the cost of treating their Ash trees for the Emerald Ash Borer. For more information about Maryhurst and how you can help, see their letter here.

Next we have an article from the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) about how to avoid tree care scams. Maybe you or someone you know has been burned by a “fly-by-night” tree care company. They show up at your house and ask for payment up front. Next thing you know, they have damaged your tree or property (maybe even you or themselves), and then before you can say anything they have vanished without any way of contacting them. Unfortunately, uninsured, unlicensed, and unprofessional tree care companies are not uncommon. Before you hire a tree company, here are a few things to consider.

Our next article is from Jeneen Wiche and is entitled, “The No-Till Philosophy.” If you are a gardener you are probably itching to get out with your tiller on one of the few dry days we have this spring to break up your soil. This may not be the best for your soil, though. In her article, Jeneen introduces us to a different way of gardening that does not involve a tiller. You can read her article here.

Have you ever heard of a Plant Growth Regulator? This may sound a little scary to some, but in his article, “Plant Growth Management,” Patrick Anderson explains how it is actually beneficial for a plant’s growth to be slowed down in some situations. You can read his article here.

Finally, Royce Hall’s article, “Compost Tea,” defines and speaks about the benefits of the popular organic amendment, compost tea. This solution of beneficial microbes and nutrients may be the thing your plants need to thrive this year. You can read Royce’s article here.


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