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Limbwalker Retreat

Limbwalker Retreat 2014

By Royce Hall

Limbwalker’s Culture of Professionalism

One of our core values at Limbwalker is an attitude of professionalism. We accomplish this by hiring and recruiting excellent people, but also by encouraging further education among our employees. Here are a few of the accomplishments our staff has achieved:

-14 ISA Certified Arborists
-1 ISA Board Certified Master Arborist
-2 ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualified Arborists
– 1 Kentucky Certified Professional Turf Managers
– 1 PLANET Landscape Industry Certified Technician

In addition to these individual achievements, Limbwalker is the first and only tree care company in Kentucky to achieve Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) Accreditation. The TCIA audits Limbwalker yearly to make sure we are fully insured, and adhere to industry standards for our work quality, safety, ethics, and employee training while maintaining a high level of consumer satisfaction.

In This Edition

Frequently at Limbwalker we have clients express concern about the safety of trees around their property. The next question, of course, is what needs to be done to make these trees safe to be around. In her article, “Is Your Tree a Risk to You?” Jeneen Wiche gives us some guiding principles Certified Arborists use to assess the safety of a tree, and a few examples of how arborists can mitigate risk.

Another issue we deal with regularly at Limbwalker is insect damage to our clients’ valuable landscapes. In order to proper treat these landscapes, we must properly time our applications with the activity of the pest. Patrick Anderson in “Using Your Landscape to Predict Pest Pressure,” shows how we can monitor the environment around us to predict pest emergence. It can be as simple as seeing if there are flowers on your Dogwood tree!

Have you ever heard of Organic Matter? If you haven’t, I am sure you know of, and probably have used, compost (which is a source of Organic Matter). In his article, “Does Organic Matter (OM) Matter?” Royce Hall explains the benefits of Organic Matter and tells you about a few sources of Organic Matter on the market.


Commercial Tree Services

Louisville’s award-winning Limbwalker Tree Service is ready to manage the trees on your commercial property. After an initial consultation with one of our certified arborists, we develop a plan to address the needs of your trees and to eliminate as much risk as possible to your property.

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